Recorded in the mountains of Kentucky. This Bull Elk was a brute! He wasn’t afraid and watched us as much as we watched him. He was the king there. 🙂

Black Mountain Story Part 1

Black Mountain was produced by Appalshop’s Community Media Initiative in 1998 in response to a group of Harlan Co. Kentucky residents who were organizing against a mountaintop removal permit for the tallest mountain in the state. The video was screened across the state in homes, churches, and college campuses. Produced by Greg Howard, Tom Hansell, and Nick Szuberla. For more information about Appalshop visit

Cool Mountains Of Kentucky image|Great Mountains Of Kentucky shot]

A nice Mountains of Kentucky image I found:

Kentucky Mist

Image by Universal Pops (mostly inactive)
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The mist rising like smoke from the mountains of Kentucky–the photo was taken in Letcher County, Kentucky, just over the Virginia line in Pound Gap.

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