Kentucky Mountain Dreams


Hopefully as this site grows it will become a resource for more than my own informational purposes…Enjoy your visit

To Kentucky Mountain Dreams.

This site is in the process of being grown. As I spend time learning about the Kentucky Mountains I’ll be sharing my thoughts and discoveries, my old blogging friends and new acquaintances, my general sense of wonder at everything having anything to do with the mountains of Kentucky. If I sometimes wander into areas of Kentucky that you don’t consider mountainous, bear my upbringing in mind…We don’t have many hills even on the Texas Gulf Coast where I was reared.

If you like the concept or wish to add anything to the site, please leave a comment and let me know what changes you would like to see.

In the meantime, since you are already here, wander around and kick the tires, check the closets, poke into the corners…Enjoy your stay.


Gary Boyd, Head Dreamer

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