Recorded in the mountains of Kentucky. This Bull Elk was a brute! He wasn’t afraid and watched us as much as we watched him. He was the king there. 🙂


Black Mountain Story Part 1

Black Mountain was produced by Appalshop’s Community Media Initiative in 1998 in response to a group of Harlan Co. Kentucky residents who were organizing against a mountaintop removal permit for the tallest mountain in the state. The video was screened across the state in homes, churches, and college campuses. Produced by Greg Howard, Tom […]

Cool Mountains Of Kentucky image|Great Mountains Of Kentucky shot]

A nice Mountains of Kentucky image I found:

Kentucky Mist

Image by Universal Pops (mostly inactive) Thank you for taking time to view this photo; and thanks to those of you leaving a comment.

The mist rising like smoke from the mountains of Kentucky–the photo was taken in Letcher County, Kentucky, just over the […]