Kentucky Mountain Dreams

Sesame Street – Appalachian Mailman

“A Stool for Me” is here: “New Shoe for Bill” is here: Film segment from 1974 about a rural mailman who delivers mail on horseback in the mountains of Kentucky.

This is a song about kids growing up in the mountains of Kentucky and my perception of how a Mentally handicapped person was treated because of our lack of knowledge with mental problems. The song pretty much tells the story of how he was teased and treated mostly just to watch his reactions. I wrote the song as tho I had participated in these incidents though I never did. I was however a witness to some of the cruel things kids can do to each other. Never in my life did I ever think I would write a song about it, but one day the song just rolled out on the first try. I am not totally happy with some of the word usage, but like I said I wrote it of the first try and I just didn’t want to make any changes then.
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