Kentucky Mountain Dreams

Kentuky Mountain Living…Looking Back

Life in the mountains of East Kentucky has been demanding since the early days of European (mostly Scotch-Irish and English) settlement. In the many isolated valleys and hollows, it is a hardscrabble life, even today. Yet many of the mountain folk wouldn't trade that life for the city, even when they could — isolation and self-sufficiency being primary reasons why the first settlers came here to put down roots.[1]

So began a post last month at Backcountry Notes, Reports and Commentary From Mid-Nowhere. Along with a few paragraphs of text, the post included a large number of photographs from the Library of Congress. Check out the entire post at the link below. If you like what you see, tell Jay I sent you…


[1] Backcountry Notes – Society and Culture – Backcountry Folk of the Kentucky Mountains.